Is New Japan Pro Wrestling Preparing For Wrestle War With WWE?!


Bleeding Cool recently told you about WWE's new UK promotion, which will kick off with a tournament to crown the new WWE UK Champion. The announcement of the expansion has had "smarks" – that's wrestling fans who care as much or more about the behind the scenes business of wrestling than the actual in ring product, as manifested through complaining about it on the internet – speculating that the move could signal a global expansion for the American wrestling giant, leading to WWE opening up territories all over the world. In addition to markets without major wrestling presences, that could easily include places like Japan and Mexico, which already have their own reigning heavyweight champions of wrestling promotion.

In Japan's case, that's New Japan Pro Wrestling, which is where many of WWE's recent stars including A.J. Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura were wrestling before being signed by WWE. It's also the company that recently shocked the world by announcing that iconic 90s wrestler Mr. Ass would compete in their prestigious World Tag League Tournament, And according to some recent tweets by NJPW owner Takaaki Kidani, NJPW may May not be planning to cede territory to WWE without a fight. That's right, NJPW is (maybe) preparing for WAR. WRESTLE WAR.

Unfortunately, Kidani's tweets are in Japanese, which makes it difficult to read unless you can read  Japansese. Luckily, Chris Charlton, author of "Lion's Pride: The Turbulent History of New Japan Pro Wrestling," translated Kadani's tweets:

The first thing we've learned here is that in addition to owning one of the largest wrestling organizations in the world, Kidani is also a "smark," since he's speculating like one. But more important is what Kidani had to say about challenging WWE if they invade Japan:

And in case you think NJPW might lean toward "with WWE…"

You know what that means, don't you? It means NJPW is preparing for WAR. WELCOME TO WRESTLE WAR!

Via Wrestling Inc, a Subsidiary of Money Inc

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