New Propaganda Posters For Ender's Game


Jessy Williams writes for Bleeding Cool.

According to three new posters for Ender's Game the next invasion is imminent. Next invasion? There was a previous invasion?

In Ender's Game we are taken to a distant future where Earth has been attacked by alien forces. The film will take place 70 years after that invasion, and the people on Earth are anticipating another. I think that works as a metaphor, right?


Young Ender Wiggins proves himself to be particularly impressive at Battle School and is eventually is chosen to lead a group of soldiers to war. The future of Earth is in his hands… and all that lark.

The posters are, in fact, pieces of propaganda that are trying to entice us to join the International Fleet, the military with the mission to protect Earth from the invasion. They're rather impressive and very persuasive; I'm half-tempted to join up myself.

Do you want to know more? They've gotten me thinking that I do.

Having said that, Gavin Hood is on-hand to direct the film. You may recall him as the director of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and on that note, I shall leave you to decide for yourself how excited you are for Ender's Game, which will hit cinemas on October 25th.


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