The Next Law And Order: SVU Looks To Be About Anita Sarkeesian And GamerGate

Well, I'm sure this will blow over without incident.

The next episode of Law and Order: SVU might look a little familiar to those of you keeping up with the happenings of GamerGate and Anita Sarkeesian. The episode is called Intimidation Game and here is the synopsis from NBC's website:

When a woman is attacked at a gaming convention, the detectives uncover the misogynistic underbelly of the gaming world

If you want it spelled out a little more, here is a clip from the show:


It's curious. I spent a little time in a post earlier today explaining what swatting is and now we have Law and Order explaining it too.

The parallels here are pretty easy to spot. These are almost identical situations to those that Anita Sarkeesian has faced as a social critic of the representation of women in video games. If not her, Zoe Quinn, Briana Wuu or a ton of other female gaming personalities, some of who I know personally.

Also, for the record, I'm not saying all involved in GamerGate are part of a misogynist cabal. Cool? Cool.

I'll be interested to see how this episode pans out. I'm an avid listener to the voices that this episode seem to portray and seeing that in a procedural crime drama will certainly be…surreal.

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