Nobody Wants To Direct The Batman As Matt Reeves Drops Out Of Negotiations

Following in the footsteps of Ben Affleck before him, Matt Reeves has decided that he, too, will not direct The Batman. Reeves reportedly entered negotiations with Warner Bros to take over for Affleck last week, amidst rumors of turmoil on the production and throughout the DC Cinematic Universe. Affleck spent months commenting about how he wouldn't direct The Batman unless the script was good, and then decided not to direct. Rumors quickly followed that Affleck's script, which had already been rewritten by Chris Terrio, would receive a fresh start when a new director came on board as Affleck pursued an exit strategy from the DCEU. Finally, one report even claimed that multiple insider sources said Ben Affleck wants out of playing Batman completely.


And now, according to Hollywood reporting themed Hollywood news site The Hollywood Reporter, Reeves also wants nothing to do with the movie. The report describes the nature of the end of the negotiations as "broke down," and mentions that they could only resume if "heads cool," suggesting the negotiations didn't just end, but ended badly.

With Reeves out of the picture, Warner Bros could fall back on their rumored "backup" directors, Ridley Scott and Fede Alvarez. But Scott has already gone on the record saying he wouldn't direct a superhero film, and after that, who really wants to be the fourth or fifth choice to direct your lousy Batman movie? It's kind of an insult at that point. Honestly, we probably wouldn't direct The Batman either if Warner Bros asked us to, though we're willing to listen to an offer.

"Hold my beer," said fellow Warner Bros production The Flash, which has itself already lost two directors so far, when asked for comment.


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