Once Upon a Snowman: Easter Eggs Should You Be on the Lookout For

When Aladdin came out, that is when Disney really started to lean into referencing itself, and Pixar took it to the next level. Disney Animation is very much doing the same thing in not only their feature presentations but their shorts as well. The Disney+ platform has given them a new way of sharing their shorts without needing to put them before a movie in theaters. Frozen and Frozen 2 took over an entire generation, and so many people just love Olaf the Snowman. He has a new animated short called Once Upon a Snowman and, of course, there are some easter eggs. During a virtual roundtable, writer and director Trent Correy shared one that is fun in the context of the short.

Oh, well, there's a lot of little fun tidbits throughout the short, because we're showing it from a different perspective, obviously. One of the ones I love is Oaken selling Anna's coronation dress. …  I just, I love that idea that, in the movie you see Anna walkout in her new, winter clothing to go up the North Mountain and we get to show what happened to that dress and that Oaken made a small profit.

Once Upon a Snowman: Easter Eggs Should You Be on the Lookout For
The poster for Once Upon a Snowman. Credit: Disney

Explaining what happened to a dress isn't the only easter egg in Once Upon a Snowman. Creative consultant Peter Del Vecho explained that the stereoscope scenes reference two more recent Disney features.

For sure. Yeah. There's other little Easter eggs within the cards that he looks at, Olaf, looks at in the stereoscope. There's a few different shots in there that people might be keen on from other films in that. … We might see a Moana film, and a shot in there. You might see a little Moana. .., Then I think there might be a Tangled image?

Once Upon a Snowman, a new Disney animated short that shows the first steps of Olaf the Snowman, drops on Disney+ today, much to the joy of parents who are sick of hearing Let it Go for the 5000th time.

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