Pandemonium: Vince McMahon Biopic From Sony Pictures Set To Make Roman Reigns Look Strong


Sony is making a drama about the life of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, according to a report from Deadline. The film is being produced in conjunction with WWE Studios, which probably indicates it will take a similar view on history-written-by-the-winner as most of WWE's documentaries, but it will still be an interesting if likely rosy picture of the 71-year-old promoter's rise to dominance in the sport of professional wrestling… excuse us, Sports Entertainment (TM). The movie will be called Pandemonium., even though Whatamaneuver! would have obviously been a far better title.

John Requa and Glenn Ficarra will direct the film, with the script written by Craig A. Williams. The movie will cover McMahon's entire life, taking his father's regional wrestling promotion and turning it into a global brand, crushing all of his competition in the process. McMahon helped create some of the biggest wrestling stars of all time, from Hulk Hogan to The Undertaker to Stone Cold Steve Austin to The Rock to John Cena, culminating in the creation of the greatest sports entertainer of all time, Roman Reigns, Vince's soon-to-be greatest accomplishment, as soon as you @#$holes start cheering for him, god dammit.

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