Paramount Says "Vámonos" to Michael Bay's Live Action Dora The Explorer Movie

The latest beloved classic children's cartoon to get a live action reboot is… Dora the Explorer?! And Michael Bay is producing it?!?!

Paramount Says "Vámonos" to Michael Bay's Live Action Dora The Explorer Movie

Michael Bay has targeted a new generation in his quest to destroy the childhoods of everyone in the world by remaking their favorite childhood cartoons as mindless live action Summer blockbusters, according to sandwich-themed Hollywood gossip blog The Wrap. The Transformers mogul is producing the film for Paramount through his Platinum Dunes production company. The movie, set after the Nickelodeon series, sees a teenage Dora move to the city with her cousin Diego. Hilarity presumably ensues when Dora brings her now-full-grown animal friends Boots the monkey and Swiper the fox with her into the unsuspecting urban environment, where Swiper's untreated kleptomania and Boots' penchant for face-mauling could lead to very real consequences.

Nick Stoller is writing the film, and there's no director attached yet. No word on who play the titular hero, but our money is on Megan Fox.


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