Live-Action Pinocchio Adds Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cynthia Erivo, More

Disney's live-action remake of Pinocchio is taking shape. Tom Hanks is in as Geppetto, and today we got the cast filled out even more. Cynthia Erivo will play the Blue Fairy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will voice Jiminy Cricket, Keegan Michael-Key will voice Honest John, and Benjamin Evan Ainsworth will voice the wooden boy who longs to be real. Finally, Lorraine Bracco will voice a new character named Sofia the Seagull. They join the previously announced Luke Evans. Robert Zemeckis will direct, and production will start this month in the UK. The film, according to the report by The Hollywood Reporter, will debut on Disney+. Pinocchio will combine live-action elements with heavy effects work, just like the others Disney has released.

Pinocchio Logo. Credit: Disney
Pinocchio Logo. Credit: Disney

Pinocchio Has A Chance To Be Really Special

I have to say, of all the live-action remakes Disney has in the pipeline, this one has me most excited and really has the chance to be a standout film. Never one that people seem to mention as one of the great animated films of all-time, Pinocchio has always held a special place in my heart, and to this day, I have to watch it with a box of tissues. So many pieces that form the foundation of what Disney means to people come from this film, and with a cast like this one, a new generation can get that same feeling from this one. Hopefully, I am still on the fence about if I like these films or not. I don't know; this one is so special to me I may be too close to it.

Pinocchio, starring Tom Hanks, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Cynthia Erivo, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Luke Evans, Keegan Michael-Key, and Lorraine Bracco, will begin filming in the UK this month. It will debut on Disney+, probably in 2022.

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