The Punisher Season 1: New Images, New Promo, More Viral Marketing

Time for some more viral marketing from The Punisher Season 1. This time it's in a new promo with a bunch of flashing images. We see someone being beaten, can't tell if it's Frank or someone else, and an email keeps flashing up.

The email is Dinah is a new character created for the series and played by Amber Rose Revah. If you email her you get the following response.

The Punisher Season 1: New Images, New Promo, More Viral Marketing

We know something is going on with a cover-up. During the promo it almost looks like Micro could be emailing her information but it's unclear.

We also got some new images via twitter and instagram.

If we get anymore responses from the email we'll be sure to keep you updated. We're also keeping an eye on the NY Bullitin website with Karen's login to see if they add anything else to those sites.

Summary: After the murder of his family, Frank Castle becomes a vigilante known as "the Punisher", who aims to fight crime by any means necessary.

The Punisher, from showrunner Steve Lightfoot, stars Jon Bernthal, Jason R. Moore, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Michael Nathanson, Jamie Ray Newman, and Amber Rose Revah. It will stream to Netflix on November 17th.

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