The Queen Nia Jax Vs The Positive Bayley

Alexa Bliss is right. Nia Jax against anyone has the potential to be a massacre. And while I do genuinely like Bayley, I am a Jax fan. After Bayley's win last week (which gets her a match with Alexa Biss at Summerslam), Bayley still needs to go through Jax.

Jax is a no nonsense performer. She is intense and business, unlike the happy go lucky hugger that is Bayley. Jax came in to fight, but Bayley was prepared. Jax has the upper hand when she slammed Bayley on the ring repeatedly. Jax relies on pure brute strength, while Bayley relies on speed and surprise. The two of them eventually knocked each other out of the ring, which caused Bliss to get involved. Jax is usually quick to get back on her feet, but unfortunately Bayley won by count out.

Bayley is getting pushed up, and for good reason. But I want to see Jax moved into a more prominent role. Here's hoping!

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