Ramirez: Defenders Don't Pick On Danny Rand Because Of Iron Fist Backlash

Defenders executive producer Marco Ramirez has gone on the record denying critical backlash to Iron Fist affected the onscreen presentation of Danny Rand in The Defenders.

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In a Defenders post-mortem interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ramirez answered a lot of questions about the series. Undaunted by the potential spoilers for a show we haven't personally seen yet, we scrolled through looking for the important content that you, dear reader, desperately need (to click on).

Asked if the other Defenders' reaction to Danny Rand was a result of backlash to Iron Fist on social media and from critics, Ramirez strongly denied the idea:

"We were shooting the finale of The Defenders when Iron Fist season 1 was premiering, so by the nature of it, we couldn't have reacted to it. Any interaction they have to Danny is all based on just the dynamics we wanted to build. It felt like, if somebody came in and said, 'My fist glows with chi and I punched a dragon and turned into this,' there's no way around the fact that Jessica Jones is going to say, 'Bullsh–, you sound like a crazy person.' Even if the dragon were in the room with them, Jessica is going to be like, 'I don't believe that, what the f— are we talking about?'

So that's the natural dynamic of what we wanted to build, because Matt and Luke and Jessica had already been introduced, and for comic-book shows, they're all so grounded and so gritty, but like if a guy walks in to these rooms with a glowing fist saying, 'My chi is expanding,' all of them will say 'I don't buy it.' That's the natural thing for them to do."

The Defenders is streaming now on Netflix.

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