Regal Cinemas to Close its Remaining New York and California Locations

We got word today that there could be a COVID-19 vaccine on the way sooner rather than later, but that doesn't mean that all of our problems have been solved. Several movies and TV shows have had to shut down productions due to positive COVID-19 tests, and cases in the United States continue to skyrocket. This is mostly due to a lack of leadership. We are changing that hopefully soon because January cannot get here soon enough. Also, a portion of the population acting like wearing a mask is the equivalent of being asked to walk across a sea of LEGO's barefoot. A little over a month ago, Regal Cinemas and parent company Cineworld announced their intention to close 500+ United States cinemas and all of their United Kingdom based cinemas. AMC Theatres and Cinemark announced their plans to stay open, and Regal even opened a few New York state locations based on the idea that New York City would be close behind. That doesn't appear to be the case with Deadline reporting that the last of the Regal Cinemas holdouts, including one in California that helped contribute to a sizable part of Tenet's domestic box office, will close.

New York NY/USA-January 5, 2020 The Regal Cinemas in Times Square in New York. Editorial credit: rblfmr /
New York NY/USA-January 5, 2020 The Regal Cinemas in Times Square in New York. Editorial credit: rblfmr /

This will impact the last eighteen chains of Regal Cinemas and might just be the final nail in the coffin for the 2020 movie season. We at Bleeding Cool have suspected that Wonder Woman 1984, the last of the major blockbuster holdouts, will be delayed again if New York City and Los Angelas are not open. It looks like they won, and with the comic tie-in covers getting their third delay just a few days ago? Well, things aren't looking good. Disney recently pulled their last two 2020 movies as Free Guy and Death on the Nile currently have no release date. That leaves Sony Picture's Monster Hunter as the last one, but as we've said in the past, Sony is likely banking on international markets carrying the box office of that one. They are likely only opening domestically, so they don't have to release it on VOD.

Regal Cinemas was asked to comment on the latest closures, but they have not made a statement yet. We currently don't have word on what AMC Theatres and Cinemark plan on doing. We'll have to see what happens if and probably when Wonder Woman 1984 flees to 2021. Wear your god damn mask.

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