Report: Daniel Bryan Considering Return To Wrestling After WWE Contract Expires


Fans watching Talking Smack after this week's episode of Smackdown Live may have noticed an interesting comment from Daniel Bryan during his argument with The Miz. When The Miz taunted Bryan over his in-ring retirement due to concussions, Bryan replied that it was WWE that wouldn't let him wrestle, and that we'd see "in a year and a half" what Bryan does when his WWE contract is up. While anything that happens on WWE TV should always be considered "a work," that is, part of the fictional storyline, could Daniel Bryan have been working himself into a shoot, brother?

According to the latest edition of Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Daniel Bryan is indeed at least considering a return to the ring. Meltzer says that Bryan has already developed a new in-ring style that would be safer but still produce interesting matches, and that Bryan has a "bucket list" wish to have a "hair vs. mask" angle in Mexican wrestling promotion CMLL. If Bryan does decide to wrestle despite his concussion problems, it almost certainly won't be with WWE, who have been extra cautious about wrestlers with head injuries due to past and current lawsuits, as well as highly embarrassing situations for the company such as Chris Benoit murdering his wife and child before committing suicide and the abnormally high number of performers who have died at an early age in the wrestling business.

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