Report: Spider-Man Movies to Suck Again as Marvel/Sony Schism Ends Collaboration

Marvel Studios will no longer work with Sony on the Spider-Man franchise, according to a report from punctuality-obsessed Hollywood gossip rag Deadline. The website reports that Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige will no longer produce the films after Disney and Sony failed to ink a new deal that would give Disney co-financing rights on upcoming Spider-Man films, squashing the possibility that Marvel would expand its influence into more Spider-Man universe films, not less.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is now the highest-grossing Sony movie of all time, according to the report, and it's hard to argue that that isn't largely due to its association with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But if Sony had allowed Disney to co-finance the films on the terms Disney requested, it would have meant they had to split the money with them. So instead, the Spider-Man flicks will move forward with no more ties to the MCU, though there aren't any plans in the works for a reboot… yet. According to the report, Sony is planning at least two more Spider-Man movies starring Tom Holland.

With Spidey out of the MCU, that could mean the character is free to guest star in the various spinoff films Sony has in the works, though it also means the end of Spidey appearing in any future Avengers flicks. It will be a little bit awkward to explain away the relationship of Happy Hogan with Aunt May, but we guess it was just a Summer fling after all.

As for Disney, they'll probably be fine, being as they own basically every single other franchise on the face of the planet, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have an influx of X-Men and Fantastic Four characters to keep them busy for a while.

Report: Spider-Man Movies to Suck Again as Marvel/Sony Schism Ends Collaboration

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