Revolution – Pilot Episode Review From Comic-Con

Revolution – Pilot Episode Review From Comic-ConAbigail Raney offers a capsule review of the new show from Eric Kripke, JJ Abrams and pilot director Jon Favreau. As far as I can gather from the trailer, it's set in a world where electricity no longer works – unless you have a certain magical amulet.

Set 15 years after all the world's technology suddenly quits, Revolution is the story of the survival of one family, and the mysteries in their past that may hold the key to repowering the world.

Maybe it was the comparison to other, harder-hitting pilots of the evening, but Revolution seemed to me to lack some quality of grit or groundedness that I crave in a post-apocalyptic world. Everything seemed a tad contrived – how aesthetically convenient it was that all those car lights went off in a nice visual sequence, and hey, look how we repurposed this car as a planter!

Despite the heavy body count and the frequent prophesies of doom, I had a hard time believing that any of these characters were in real danger. Or perhaps I just didn't care… Either way, as of yet, Revolution seems far from revolutionary.

That being said, I did enjoy watching Billy Burke go to town on a bunch of red shirts with a sword.

While you wait for Abigail's further pilot reviews, why not check out the extended trailer for Revolution?