Was Rob Gronkowski Suspended from the NFL as Part of a WWE Storyline with Jinder Mahal?

Fox Sports NFL analyst David Diehl thinks the NFL may be working itself into a shoot when it comes to Rob Gronkowski, brother. Gronkowski received a one-game suspension for an egregious late hit on Buffalo Bills cornerback Tre'Davious White, who had just intercepted a pass from Tom Brady. White was clearly down and out of bounds as well when Gronkowski appeared to intentionally deliver a running splash.

Asked about the subject on a recent Fox Sports broadcast, Diehl said the attack was premeditated with the intention of building heat and interest for a Gronkowski transition to the pro wrestling business.

Was Rob Gronkowski Suspended from the NFL as Part of a WWE Storyline with Jinder Mahal?

"This was all premeditated," Diehl said. "I think I've the only one thats been talking about this. Earlier last week, Gronkowski was called out by Jinder Mahal, which is a WWE wrestler. Because in WrestleMania 33, Gronk got involved in the match and Jinder Mahal ended up not getting a championship belt."

Gronkowski actually cost Mahal the Andre the Giant Battle Royale.

"Jinder Mahal called him out this week," Diehl continued. "So social media, all last week, Rob Gronkowski, is he gonna stand up to the challenge? Is he gonna wrestle this guy? And it was back and forth banter throughout the entire week. And right away when this happened during the game, what did everybody see? oh, he pulls a WWE move, he pulls a wrestling move. And there's a reason why: because he let social media and stuff off of the field affect what he did on the football field."

"Number one, you're not doing it the Patriot way," Diehl warned. "You're trying to be an individual. Mark my words. He will not be a New England Patriot next year."

Diehl went on to agree with the hosts that the purpose behind the move was to get money outside of the ring by becoming a wrestler.

So what do you think? Is it all a work?

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