Runaways Season 1: Comparing The Pride In The Comic And The Show

Now that we've taken a look at the kids, it's time to look at the adults — or The Pride — in RunawaysEntertainment Weekly has broken down each of the parents and compared their incarnations on the show to the one we see in the comic.

Show and comic spoilers ahead

Leslie Dean (Annie Wersching): Originally an alien invader who posed as a Hollywood actor in the comics, Karolina's mother is the leader of the Scientology-esque Church of Gibborim and Pride's most dedicated member. "The Deans in particular, Leslie for sure, are the furthest characters from the original way they were in the comics," Wersching says. "Leslie, in our show, is the leader of the Church of Gibborim, a celebrity church that has a lot of attention to it. She's a very poised, charismatic, manipulative leader who does a lot of good in the community, but it definitely takes her away from the priorities of her daughter and family, and so it's her life, running this church."

Frank Dean (Kip Pardue): Karolina's father, who looks to quickly climb the ranks of the Church of Gibborim, is a former teen star who is struggling in his professional acting career — a departure from the comics, where he and his wife were alien invaders posing as Hollywood actors. Also a departure is his role in The Pride, which will be revealed in due time. "Deviating from the comics is a tricky subject," Pardue says. "Josh and Stephanie have handled it so well. One of the things that they had to do was pull Frank and Leslie both back to Earth, literally. We're not aliens, we have different power — we have this power of influence, this power of being able to suck people into our web, so to speak. But Frank is on a little bit different path throughout the entire season."

Geoffrey Wilder (Ryan Sands): In the comics, Geoffrey was a crime boss who handled illegal drug trade before joining The Pride. On the show, Alex's father had a simlar trajectory working his way out of poverty and street life to become a successful businessman. "One of the things we want to set up is that we didn't want there to be any true villains in the story," Schwartz says. "So hopefully, as you get to know the Pride more, you understand how conflicted they are about the things that they're being asked to do."

Catherine Wilder (Angel Parker): Also involved in her husband's criminal activity in the comics, Alex's mother is a ruthless and successful lawyer on the show. Despite the kids witnessing their parents commit a horrific act in the premiere, "Different kids are going to have different reactions to what their parents did, and there will be alliances drawn amongst the kids on that line," Schwartz says. "Some kids absolutely believe that their parents are evil, others want to find a different explanation for what their parents could have done, and those alliances will shift over the course of the season."

Tina Minoru (Brittany Ishibashi): Secretly a dark wizard posing with her husband as an average couple in the comics, Nico's mother is a brilliant innovator and ruthless CEO who wields the Staff of One, and shares quite a few incredible gifts with her daughter. "Tina Minoru is sort of our female Steve Jobs as the CEO of Wizard Computers, which obviously is our nod to the fact that they're actual wizards," Schwartz says.

Robert Minoru (James Yaegashi): Also a dark wizard in the comics, Nico's father struggles to stand up to his wife in the wake of a tragic loss. "We have some strong women," Schwartz notes. "There are some boss ladies that run Pride."

Dale Yorkes (Kevin Weisman): In the comics, Dale and his wife, Stacey, are time travelers, but Gert's father has a different profession on the show. "The Yorkes are genetic engineers, which is connected to the dinosaur story," Savage says.

Stacey Yorkes (Brigid Brannagh): Originally time travelers in the comics, Gert's parents are granola hippies who are bioengineers linked to the origin of Old Lace and rooted in furthering Pride's mission. Continuing what Savage said in the previous slide, the EP notes, "None of this is science-fiction to me. It's all happening right now."

Victor Stein (James Masters): Similar to the comics, Chase's father is an engineering genius. "Victor Stein's company is sort of Tesla-esque," Schwartz says. "It's a Tesla/Space X technology company. We built out all these companies and subcultures around the parents."

Janet Stein (Ever Carradine): In the comics, Janet and her husband were world-renowned inventors. On the show, Chase's mother is the perfect PTA mom with a brilliant mind. "There's a great thing in the book about how every kid believes their parents are evil, what if your parents actually were?" Schwartz says. "There's an analogous question that Brian poses in the book, which is the idea that every parent does something that they believe their kids are going to hate you for, but in your mind you say, 'In time, you'll understand I was doing that for your own good.' So we feel like we've properly motivated these parents that what they're doing, they believe, actually could be really good for their children."

More differences for the parents, but the show is also doing more with the parents than the comic originally did — so maybe some tweaking was needed.

Summary: After discovering their parents are super-villains in disguise, a group of teenagers band together to run away from their homes in order to atone for their parents' actions and to discover the secrets of their origins.

Marvel's Runaways, created by Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz, stars Gregg Sulkin, Ariela Barer, Lyrica Okano, Allegra Acosta, Virginia Gardner, and Rhenzy Feliz. It is streaming to Hulu now.

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