Save A Red Shirt


By Louise Oddball

The Red Shirt Diaries tells the continuing adventures of a young Security Ensign on one of the most famous intergalactic space-faring vessels ever.   There are extended cameos by a randy star ship captain, his cranky homespun medical officers, and an infuriating cold and logical science officer.   Does all of this sound vaguely familiar?

Good.  Now throw out everything you know about life on the Enterprise. Sometimes these are completely fresh stories, and other times Ensign Williams acts as a one-woman Rosencrantz and Guildenstern as her private log entries reveal heretofore unknown angles to some of Kirk & Cos most famous exploits. is a multilayered story — told in two or three minutes dairy entries as well as a weekly web comic!

It is the brain-child of the very talented, lovely and funny Ashley Victoria Robinson who is the producer writer and actress starring as Ensign Williams.   Her fellow writer and director Jason Inman, the award winning video parodist known throughout the internet as Jawin.

They have recently started a crowd-sourcing pitch for Season Two.   And the bet part of that is….?

They've already exceeded their original goal 2,800 and are skyrocketing to twice that amount!   So that means there is no pressure at all on you.  You can donate to Season Two because you want to see even more funny and more higher quality and bigger budgeted episodes for season two!

Save A Red Shirt today!   You know you want to!

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