Shelter 2 Has You Play As A Bobcat Mother Looking After Her Bobcat Children

I have pretty fond memories of Shelter, the game where you play as a badger mother trying to navigate the dangerous wilderness with your children. It had its problems, but the idea was so purely executed with a flair in the art department, it totally won me over. Developer Might and Delight as coming back with Shelter 2, which keeps the core idea the same, but trades the badger for a bobcat.

This new trailer shows that the game has seen a significant graphical and artistic upgrade since the last. The world is looking gorgeous and I can't wait to see what else the developer has brought to the table. Something about a mother guiding her young through nature is an appealing play concept to me, so I'm very eager to jump in.


Also, how can you deny those bobcat babies? Shelter 2 is out on March 9th on PC and Mac.