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The Six Important Moments From This Week's Agents Of SHIELD – Who You Really Are

***** Agents of SPOILERS ahead ****


The above image was the main theme for the episode, as it basically spent an hour getting all the pieces into place for the rest of the season. In a way it felt like a placeholder episode as very little happened other than the characters learning about things. The appearance of Lady Sif from the Thor movies really didn't add much to the episode that the team capturing the Kree warrior on their own wouldn't have found out. But the episode did move the storylines ahead so let's look a the important moments.

1) Skipping to the training session between Agent Melinda May and Skye we see that May has figured out that Skye is holding back. She doesn't know why, but she knows something is up and that it is tied to what happened with the obelisk and Tripp. But what we also see here is Fitz has become protective of Skye since last week and this is our first chance to see that. His attempts to protect her are awkward but a chance for the character to come out of his shell more, something the show is in need of.

2) The Bobbi Morse / Mac subplot gets pushed forward here quite a bit. They show that both Bobbi and Mac are being more trusted by Hunter and Coulson. After seeing last week that his R/C version of Lola was made as a spy device, we are now supposed to suspect them the same way we felt about Hydra. Except this isn't how Hydra worked nor is it how the writers work. Hydra exploded into play as a surprise. The fact we are watching them betray SHIELD, Director Coulson and Hunter feels more like a bait in switch to me. I think they are going after something specific in the box and not trying to destroy SHIELD. If I remember correctly Tripp was involved in this too and he wouldn't do anything to hurt SHIELD.

3) All the fighting and running around was nice, but the main purpose for the two guest stars was for the Kree warrior Vin-Tak to get into the room with Coulson to explain who the Kree are, what the obelisk / diviners were meant for and to show that there are more of them out there. Lady Sif was there to verify everything Vin-Tak said so that viewers will accept it as the truth. The fact that they got Skye upset enough to use her powers was a bonus.

4) The other interesting thing that seems to be going on here is that some of the plot lines that you'd think would be strung out are getting revealed quickly. Skye being an Inhuman or whatever they are currently calling it, seemed like it was going to be a secret for her and Fitz for a while… but it lasted one episode. Now that its out on the table it affects everyone on the team, dividing them into those who want to protect Skye and those who feel they need to be protected from her. A split in the team, an upcoming betrayal of some sort, doubts about Coulson's leadership… I wonder if Nick Fury left anything in the tool box for that?

And as an aside, I think Clark Gregg's delivery of "Skye, what's causing this?" was a great delivery that showed how many the character really cares for Skye.

5) The quote in the image at the top, "Wherever Sky goes, death follows", comes from the oddest moment of the night. Agent May questions whether or not they can do anything to change whatever is coming. She points at Coulson having come back to life with a map to the alien city and then the team finding Skye on their very first mission… that maybe this was all supposed to happen. It came across like May was talking about Fate. But maybe there is more too it than that and she sees it. Maybe Coulson was supposed to find the city and was guided to Skye as a part of a plan to awaken the Inhumans… I mean by somebody other than showrunner Jeph Loeb… could there be a hand guiding everything that has happened?

6) And at the end it looks like another plot line is going to move ahead quickly as Hunter confronts Mac about what he is doing with Bobbi and wanting to know who is "backup". Mac is forced to take Hunter down which means that either one of two things has to happen next… Either Mac and Bobbi have to do whatever it is they have been planning right away, or they have to take a chance and bring Hunter in on the plan. There is the kill Hunter option but I don't think what they are doing is that level of evil or Mac would have just killed him then and there.

And a speculation… last week Coulson said he couldn't figure out how to get the R/C version of Lola to fly. Which meant he took a really good look at the thing. So he could have found the scanning device that was built into it. That would make him suspicious and would explain this week him doing the inventory with Mac and suddenly wanting him out in the field. Also could explain the invite for Hunter to become an Agent. Coulson is definitely not an idiot, maybe he sees this coming.

And next week, it looks like Mr. Hyde is putting together a team to take out SHIELD and get his daughter back. Is that one guy supposed to be Angar the Screamer?


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