There Is Something Off With The 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' Blu-Ray And DVD Covers

And it was mentioned awhile back when they were first revealed, and curiously never fixed. Here is a look at the Blu-ray cover:


Notice anything off about that one? I will wait…

Yes, that certainly does seem like an overlooked detail. Also it is a pretty simple fix. Granted, most people would glance at the box itself and if you asked them they would say "There are TIE Fighters on the cover?". And for most non-rabid Star Wars fans, who cares? But, most of us are rabid Star Wars fans, so it bugs us. Not as much as the DVD one bothers me though. Again: here that is:


First glance again: awesome looking, am I right? Cool cast photos, the Scarif beach, Darth Vader, and the Death Star looming large over everything. And the AT-ACT off in the distance…wait. That is not an AT-ACT, that's a regular AT-AT. sigh. They made such a big deal about the new AT-ACT for this film, it was in every trailer, the toys were everywhere (and quite expensive. sorry if you ended up paying full price for that one), and yet again: it would have been a really easy fix. It is kinda irksome that nobody looked at these and said "Hey, that is not right, let's fix it."

For me though, it is not an issue, I collect steelbooks and that is the version I purchased. here is what that one looks like:


My biggest problem with THIS one is that they already released the first seven Star Wars films in steelbook form and they all matched! Why couldn't this one???

Sigh, the perils of being a collector.

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