Space Sweepers: Netflix Releases Making-Of Video Before Premiere

This is your friendly reminder that Space Sweepers, Korea's first Space Opera Blockbuster movie, is premiering worldwide on Netflix this Friday, February 5th. That is cause for celebration. It's possibly the most eagerly-anticipated Korean movie in the world right now.

Space Sweepers: Netflix Announces Release Date and New Trailer
"Space Sweepers" poster courtesy of Netflix

We'd been tracking this movie since the summer. Space Sweepers was originally slated for a theatrical release in Korea in Summer, then postponed to September because of the coronavirus pandemic. Werewolf Boy director, Jo Sung-Hee's movie had been ready for ages. Then Netflix announced it had acquired the movie as a worldwide streaming exclusive. Today, they released a 5-minute behind the scenes video.

Narrated by acclaimed character actor Yoo Hai-Jin, who plays snarky robot Bubs, we now know the movie is set in 2092, where humanity has expanded into outer space and brought all of its problems with it. Corporate greed, wealth gaps, class conflict, it's pretty much Late Capitalism in Space. The movie carries a pleasing Firefly, "Han Solo" vibe. Our heroes are Space Sweepers, scavengers, and scrap dealers looking for the Big Job. K-drama favourite Song Joong-Ki plays a down-on-his-luck hotshot pilot leading a rag-tag crew of weirdos and screwups, including an ex-pirate (Kim Tae-Ri like a snarky Gamora), a foul-mouthed, endlessly pissed off engineer (Jin Sun-Kyu) and a snarky former military robot named Bubs (Yoo Hai-jin) that still has its combat skills. Accident-prone, which is the lot of being in space, they're perpetually in debt and in need of a big scavenging score. The space scavenging business is cutthroat, and the crew of the Victory thinks they lucked out when they snatch the cargo from a crashed space shuttle – a 7-year-old girl that's actually a robot and weapon of mass destruction. They decide to get a big payday only to have the galactic army come after them. Cue epic chases and battles. In space. A little girl that's really a bomb is probably a metaphor for the perils of parenthood or something. This is a Korean movie, after all. Expect lots of shouting, kicking, punching, and explosions. Yay!

Space Sweepers will be streaming on Netflix starting on Friday, February 5th.


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