Spider-Man: The Animated Series Producer Fires Back At Critical Listicle

Spider-Man: The Animated Series producer John Semper Jr. took issue with a listicle published on Comic Book Resources earlier this month naming the "7 Reasons The 90s Spider-Man Cartoon Ruled (And 8 Reasons It Sucked)."

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Taking to his on-the-nose Facebook page Spider-Man: The Animated Series – Moderated By Producer John Semper Jr., Semper wrote:

"I don't usually respond to these irrelevant lists, but I was bored tonight, so…Here are the 8 instances where this clickbait article on CBR 'sucks' (a word I have come to hate)."

Semper then went into a list of reasons the article "sucked," which consisted mostly of rebuttals to the points about why Spider-Man: The Animated Series sucked by CBR journalist Harrison Flatau.

"I do appreciate the fact that there are things in the article that the writer liked about the series, but this constant need on the Internet to trash things fosters an atmosphere of snark and cynicism that doesn't serve us well as a society," Semper continued after his own list — which would make all of us in the world of clickbait entertainment journalism feel really bad about ourselves if we didn't have all these clicks to sooth our guilty conscience.

"Frankly, I'm sick of the word 'SUCKS,' and I'm sick of lists like this which bring nothing new to the discussion and serve no useful purpose other than to sell the crap in the popup ads."

"My note to CBR Shakespeare…Get a real job as an entertainment writer, do it for over three decades, and then come talk to me," Semper continued, relying on the age-old rule that you can't criticize something unless you're a 30-year veteran of doing the same thing. "By the way, in the article there are constant references to 'the writers decided to do this' and 'the writers chose to do that.' This mysterious band of anonymous 'writers' was me. All creative choices in the writing were made by me, so I take full credit and/or blame."

Tell us how you really feel, John! Check out Semper's full post below.

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