Spike Lee Is Writing The Story For NBA 2K16

This story isn't quite as ludicrous as the title might suggest. If you've never played the NBA 2K games, they actually have fairly in depth stories with characters, plot and all that.

But yes! Film Director Spike Lee is going to be taking on the writing duties of NBA 2K16, it's been announced. The cover itself will even adorn the trademark 'A Spike Lee Joint' subtitle.


Lee is quoted in an interview with The Big Story:

It's about the trials and tribulations of life on a big stage with the money, fame, temptations, family members, the press, fans, all that stuff.

Rather hilariously, the lead character is said to have the name Frequency Vibrations. Which I love. I wish my name was Frequency Vibrations. It's not yet clear if you can change that to another name in the case of you hating life and not loving the Vibrations.

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