Stephen Amell Talks Arrow Season 3 at Fan Expo

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Diana McCallum writes for Bleeding Cool from Fan Expo in Toronto

Stephen Amell took a break from filming season three of Arrow to hit the stage at Fan Expo and drop a few teasers about the upcoming season.

Talking about the state of Starling City when the season opens, Amell said they would acknowledge in the show the many terrible things that have happened in Starling (i.e. earthquakes and super soldier gangs of criminals) and how that's affecting the city and its people, with one of those people being new character Ray Palmer, the Atom.

"A focal point for Ray Palmer's character will be the fact that no one wants to live in Starling anymore," Amell said, after stumbling over the character's name and calling him Ray Parker.

On the topic of the show's popular season one catchphrase "You have failed this city", Amell said that the phrase will be coming back to the show this year. The producers had not included it in season two as they felt it was part of season one's arc, but fan backing has brought the line back for season three.

Amell also spoke on the question of whether or not his Green Arrow would ever appear in the Warner Bros. Justice League movie franchise.

"I don't think that my character will participate in the cinematic side," he said, then listed all the heroes appearing on the Flash and Arrow to show that "we are creating a Justice League on TV for us."

The discussion then moved on to John Barrowman's return to the show, which Amell was excited about because he loves working with Barrowman but in previous seasons they hardly had any actual scenes together, saying "this year we see each other". He then described their first scene together as epic and involving 275 extras in an unknown setting.

Amell said a big theme of season 3 is identity and that one of his favorite things about the upcoming season is his relationship with Colton Haynes's character, Roy Harper, who Amell referred to as Arsenal, saying their relationship evolves very much into a big/brother little brother dynamic.

He also talked about how this will be the first time we see Oliver learning new types of combat in the present day as opposed to his training in flashbacks.

Amell also confirmed that the third season will be the Hong Kong season of the show in regards to Oliver's flashbacks, but to also expect those flashbacks to include less Oliver and more of the supporting cast members and their stories.

"We've filmed five episodes," Amell said, "and only three have flashbacks to Oliver."

Amell was then asked about his relationship with Felicity in the upcoming season since they are seen kissing in the teaser trailer for the new season.

Sidestepping the issue, Amell replied that "episode one is a crazy episode", so crazy that the kiss between him and Felicity is "the 8th most important thing in that episode."

We'll have to wait for the season premiere on October 8th to find out the seven more important things that happen.


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