Stephen King Wasn't Prepared For The 'It' Reboot To Be Good

Stephen King may have written himself into his own epic Dark Tower epic fantasy series and banned the president of the United States from watching his movies, but the man isn't a total egomaniac. There are some hard facts that simply can't be denied, such as the percentage of Stephen King adaptations that, despite the promise of the source material, and up being seriously lackluster. Sure, you'll occasionally come across a Shining or a Shawshank Redemption, but how many Needful Things or Maximum Overdrives did you have to sit through before finding one of those diamonds in the rough?

Stephen King Wasn't Prepared For The 'It' Reboot To Be Good

The fact is: it's a statistical probability that Stephen King adaptations won't be great (like the recent Dark Tower movie), and it's a rare occasion when one turns out OK. So when Stephen King watched the upcoming It movie, he naturally didn't have very high expectations, and was surprised that the movie was actually good. In a video interview, King said:

"I had hopes, but I was not prepared for how good it really was. It's something that's different, and, at the same time, it's something that audiences are gonna relate to, and they're gonna like the characters. Because, to me, it's all about character. If you like the characters — if you care — the scares generally work."

In fact, King is optimistic that all of his fans will enjoy the film so much that they watch it more than once, something that would be a potential health hazard if we were talking about, for instance, Dreamcatcher. King continued:

"I'm sure my fans will enjoy the movie. I think they're gonna really enjoy the movie. And I think some of them will go back two or three times and actually savor the thing. I went back and saw it a second time, and I felt I was seeing things the second time through that I missed the first time."

It's true that It does look promising. The film has a 97% "want to see" rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and is expected to perform well at the box office. King attributes at least some of the film's potential success to the director, Andy Muschietti, and praised Bill Skarsgard's performance:

"Let's just say I had strong hopes for the movie, because I knew Andy's work from 'Mama', and I thought he was a really, really talented director. And I also loved the idea of concentrating on the kids' half of the story.

Skarsgard was great as Pennywise, and he's got big shoes to fill. Let's face it. Because people remember Tim Curry as Pennywise the Clown, and they remember the look that Pennywise had."

Listen to the audio below. It hits theaters on September 8th.

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