Jeremiah Danvers Proves You Can't Go Home Again

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We first met Jeremiah Danvers in the pilot episode of Supergirl in the form of former Superman, Dean Cain… and his wife was played by former Supergirl, Helen Slater. They were the adopted parents of Kara Zor-El and the real parents of Alex Danvers who also be a big part of the series. But this was more than just fan casting. Cain and Slater have appeared a few different times over the two seasons. But the history of Jeremiah ties into J'onn J'onzz and Hank Henshaw. Jeremiah was forced to work for the DEO by Henshaw, which he did to protect Kara… but when it came to them killing J'onn, Jeremiah turned on Henshaw and saved the Martian. But this put both Henshaw and Jeremiah into the hands of CADMUS for more than a decade. He popped up earlier this year when he helped Mon-El and Supergirl escape from CADMUS, but stayed behind to cover their exit.

Last night's episode starts with an morning after scene between Kara and Mon-El that is remarkably cute. The chemistry between Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood is very good and believable. Actually the show handled relationships well across the board last night, from the awkwardness between Kara and Mon-El because of various situations, the excitement of something new for Winn and Lyra, the importance of being their for each other with Alex and Maggie and the honesty and frankness of Jeremiah and Eliza. These writers know how to handle affairs of the heart.

The big story here though is Supergirl and J'onn assault a CADMUS weapon shipment that turns out to be transporting Jeremiah, whom they rescue and bring back to the DEO. Everyone is joyous and happy that he's back. But Mon-El, who is the most detached from the situation, questions the timing of his rescue. Whenever he brings up that he has some questions, he gets smacked down for suspecting Jeremiah. This leads to him being escorted out of Kara's apartment during a family reunion dinner. Jeremiah does the escorting and tells Mon-El that he knows the Daxamite's secret and that Kara wouldn't appreciate it. But Mon-El doesn't back down, suspecting something is up when Jeremiah is allowed to return to the DEO almost immediately. He enlists the aide of Winn who discovers that Jeremiah is digging into the DEO's past case logs. This brings Kara on board with being suspicious… but not Alex who still sides with her father.

They go after a big bomb that Jeremiah tells the team about, made from the solar energy that CADMUS stole from Supergirl when they had her captured. But when they do the raid, they discover that there is no bomb. Jeremiah is actually downloading DEO files while the team is away. J'onn confronts him, but Jeremiah beats him with his robotic arm… yeah, he has one of those. He also beats up Winn and screws up the computer system before making his escape.

They find out that the files he took are the Alien Registration list, and he's giving it to CADMUS, the group that wants to rid the Earth of all aliens. Supergirl and Alex follow Jeremiah thanks to a tracker Winn put on him. Jeremiah meets with Henshaw and Lillian Luthor who expected Supergirl to show up, so they blew up a train / bridge thing making her fly off to rescue people. Alex stays and chases after them, getting Jeremiah in her sites… but she can't shoot him and he escapes.

They don't play Jeremiah as 100% willing to do the things he's doing. They give the impression that he's doing this to protect his girls. But giving the list to CADMUS will put a lot of people into danger, so that is hard to justify for any reason. It seems like they might be setting something up with Jeremiah and his robotic arm. Originally when it was announced that Cyborg Superman was coming to the series, the idea of it being Dean Cain was extremely popular. They went with David Harewood because Hank Henshaw is Cyborg Superman in the comics. But since Jeremiah's arm was revealed on the show last night, the internet has been buzzing about the idea that maybe Henshaw will move bodies later on and end up in Jeremiah, taking over and eventually wearing one of Superman's costumes in part. I doubt they'll go to that extreme, but it would be pretty cool to see Cain wearing the S again.

Next week we see that things with Jeremiah aren't cut and dry, Alex beats the crap out of a bald prisoner (Maybe Lex?) trying to get info on CADMUS, and a group of militant soldiers are kidnapping aliens…

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