Sweet Release! D4 PC, Tetris Ultimate, Supercharged Robot VULKAISER, June's Free Games

By Jared Cornelius

Welcome back to Sweet Release! Bleeding Cool's look at new video games hitting store shelves and digital platforms this week.  I hope everyone had a safe and productive Memorial Day in the states.  For our international readers it's a holiday that is intended to honor those who served in the armed forces, but is most commonly celebrated by getting blackout drunk at a relative's house.  As far as the games go I anticipate it'll be slow going most of the month as the quiet will be in service of E3 preparation.  So with that being said it's only fitting that the bulk of our games are digital releases with one lone retail release that's had 30 or 40 other iterations.  But first…
DIFFICULTIESLets start this week off with some corrections.  Unfortunately the HD remaster of Legend of Kay didn't come out last week.  I know, you're heartbroken, but the high definition action platformer that no one asked for is scheduled to hit Wii U and PlayStation 4 late this month.  Sorry folks, sometimes the crystal ball malfunctions, but now let's get on to this week's games shall we?

D4 Murder, mystery, and time travel all permeate D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die, a unique 3D adventure game from Swery, the bizarre mind behind Deadly Premonition.  The story is all kinds of strange, telling the story of David Young, a former detective who lost his memory after being shot in the head and gained time traveling powers.  Did your head explode after reading that sentence?  The crux of the game involves attempting to solve your wife's murder using your crazy time travel powers across the games two and a half episodes.  Originally conceived as an episodic series on the Xbox One, Microsoft quietly released the game with little fanfare, despite it being one of the only known good Kinect games for the system.  While the motion controls won't be in the PC release, the game has been tuned for keyboard and mouse controls, and features the eccentric gameplay and story Swery's famous for.  D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die released for PC on Tuesday with an Xbox One version already available.
TETRISAs the release of PlayStation Vita retail games slows to a drip I'm always pleased/curious to see what's still coming out for the platform, case in point Tetris Ultimate.  The ubiquitous puzzle game has shown up on almost every platform in one form or another and has been shockingly absent from Sony's high definition handheld until now.  There's not too much I can tell you about Tetris that you don't already know, a series of blocks fall from the top of the stage and it's your job to arrange them, scoring points for clearing bigger stacks.  Ultimate doesn't do much to move the needle on the series but comes with different game modes including Endless, Sprint, Battle, and Marathon.  Tetris Ultimate released for PlayStation Vita on Tuesday with a 3/2DS version already available.

ROBOTAs a child of the 80's I have a soft spot in my heart for weird Japanese anime from that time like Voltron and Robotech.  While I've found it difficult to go back and watch those shows the charm remains and is a clear influence in Supercharged Robot VULKAISER.  From a three man development team, Supercharged Robot VULKAISER takes all the character of late 70's combining robot shows and packs it into a bullet hell styled 2D shooter.  With 4 different KAISER forms to switch between, a cast of plucky anime pilots, and a catchy theme song, Supercharged Robot VULKAISER will give you all the joy of shouting, "I'll form the head!" without the weird stares from strangers.  Supercharged Robot VULKAISER releases Thursday on Steam.

If you're signed up for PlayStation Plus, or Xbox Live Gold a new month means new games at no extra cost.
metal-gear-solid-ground-zeroes-screenshot-5PlayStation Plus kicks off another excellent month of games on PlayStation 4 with Konami's bite sized stealth action game, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

SKULLSPS4 users also get the updated isometric strategy game Skulls of The Shogun: Bone-A-Fide Edition.
JUAREZLast generation gamers get Ubi Soft's Call of Juarez: Gunslinger and 2D masochism platformer Cloudberry Kingdom.

2b21be0045129116324731441501004dOn the PlayStation Vita you'll get the brand new Super Exploding Zoo and Futuridium EP Deluxe, both of which are cross buy with the PlayStation 4.

MASSIVEXbox Live Gold does slightly better this month with the premiere of Double Fine's Massive Chalice on Xbox One.  Unfortunately Pool Nation FX sticks around for the third straight god damned month.

JUSTCAUSE2360 users will get the stupidly over the top 3rd person action game Just Cause 2 until the 16th when it'll be replaced by Thief.  Quick sidebar, Just Cause 2 is very…very…very good.  It's kind-of dumb, but dumb in all the right ways, if you've got Games With Gold make sure to pick this one up.

Jared Cornelius is some guy from the Jersey coast.  If you'd like to get in touch, contact him on Twitter @John_Laryngitis.

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