Who Is In Justice League: Beyonce, Eminem, Taylor Swift, Or Superman? [SPOILERS]

If you're following the internet today, it's understandable if you find things a big confusing. Two big things are happening today. On the one hand, the first reactions from critics invited to special screenings of Justice League are beginning to hit the web. At the same time, Taylor Swift's new album, Reputation, has hit the net… well, sort of. You can only buy it on iTunes, or listen to I Heart Radio's special Taylor Swift channel, where they're playing new tracks along with old hits. The album isn't available on any major streaming service yet, or even to purchase digitally from anywhere other than iTunes. Finally, Eminem and Beyonce have dropped a new track together, Walk on Water. Crazy! That's a lot to unpack.


First of all, you should know that just because all three of things happened on the same day doesn't mean they're the same news. Only a totally shameless clickbait website would conflate them as such. Each of these are three separate events, and shouldn't be confused with each other. You can listen to Taylor Swift's new album, Reputation, provided you are an iTunes user or you are interested in leaving your house to purchase a physical copy, and you don't need to know anything about Beyonce, Eminem, or the Justice League. You can listen to the Beyonce and Eminem track on the streaming service of your choice (or buy the single) by clicking on the link in the tweet above, completely independently. And finally, you can check out the social media feeds of various critics to learn more about Justice League.

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For instance, did you know that Superman will be in the movie? Well, of course you did. We all knew that. But Warner Bros. has been doing their best not to reveal any details about it. However, a behind-the-scenes photo from the new Justice League Collectors Edition magazine gives us our first look at Superman with the Justice League crew… in front of a green screen.

You can see it at about the 1:47 second mark in the video below.


We hope we've helped to clear up any confusion. Justice League hits theaters on November 17th. And you might want to…

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