Terrifier Director Gives Update on Sequel Release, Run-Time, and More

The 2016 slasher film Terrifier has become a micro-budget, cult classic horror title that's known for its choice to combine clowns, Halloween, and a lot of blood into one project.

Terrifier 2 trailer Unleashed As Art The Clown Returns
Art The Clown From Terrifier

The film (which was made with $100,000 backing it) went on to become a surprise sleeper horror film, getting a major platform with Netflix, which is known for its eclectic selection of genre films. After becoming a beloved, atmospheric horror film, there was an obvious desire for a sequel from the fans as well as the creatives behind Terrifier, with a sequel announced back in 2019.

The film initially went into production in October of 2019; however, the uptick in COVID-19 and government regulations halted production for some time, leaving Terrifier 2 in a place of limbo. Luckily, the film's director Damien Leone recently took to Facebook to offer fans an update on the project and gave a glimmer of hope that a release could be coming sooner rather than later.

Leone writes, "Well, we officially have a rough cut, guys! And it looks fucking amazing! And it's also 2 hrs and 21 minutes long! You are all in for a very generous, very fresh, and very satisfying horror film that I'm sure will not disappoint."

The Terrifier director continues, "So what now? It's time to head on into the polishing phase of post-production. We will begin tackling the sound design, score, color correction, and some minor VFX (don't worry! The gore is all practical!) We are also going to keep trimming the fat and refining the film itself. Keep in mind rough cuts are initially quite long, but I can guarantee you the final run time of Terrifier 2 will remain slightly over 2 hours long. It's epic! Once the film is in a more presentable stage, we will tackle distribution. We're still aiming for a Halloween release, but again, it all comes down to a distribution deal. Just know we're working our asses off day and night and want it out to you guys as soon as possible."

If this pans out, we'll be seeing a Terrifier sequel in a few months, so hopefully, we'll be getting more information soon enough!

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