The Boy Director Hopes to Return with a Third Entry to the Franchise

It's been a minute since we've discussed the 2016 horror film The Boy, which earned itself a sequel by the name of Brahms: The Boy II and a total of more than $70 million between both movies. Though the second entry only brought in $10 million as opposed to the first's more successful $60 million, the franchise has managed to maintain a core audience that appreciates the unique ideas behind the quirky horror flick. Now, after two years since the release of the second film, the franchise director is discussing the status of The Boy – and the chances of turning it into a trilogy.

Brahms- The Boy II Blu-ray Cover

In a recent conversation about the likelihood of returning to the franchise with Comic Book, the film's director William Brent Bell was very optimistic about the future, noting, "I think so. I think when we made the first movie, the assumption was if we continued the story, it would've been the story of Brahms, the guy in the walls, like a slasher killer. And then, as time went on and the producers saw how the doll had become in the zeitgeist with [Jared] Kushner in particular, and so it was like, 'Okay, we'll focus on that.'" Bell then elaborates on the specifics and shares, "But in a way, I feel like a movie, it's either you have a great standalone film, or you probably need a trilogy to really round out a character. And so the second film in that series focused on the doll, and I think a third film would 100% focus on Brahms, the guy."

The well-versed filmmaker then later added, "For me as a writer, as a filmmaker, as a director, I fall in love with these characters after 90-100 minutes, and I'm like just getting to know them. So for me, I very much want to continue exploring those stories as a fan."

What are your thoughts on Bell's proposed third entry of The Boy?

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