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The First Omen Director Talks Potential for More Stories

The director of the recent horror film The First Omen shares her thoughts on returning, and the type of story she'd like to tell.

Article Summary

  • The First Omen's director Arkasha Stevenson is open to making more films in the series.
  • Stevenson is interested in exploring the narrative further, especially the Jackal and church conspiracy.
  • The First Omen received praise from critics and audiences, indicating potential for sequels.
  • Religious horror remains a rich area for storytelling, exemplified by The First Omen's success.

After several years of silence on the cinematic front, The Omen franchise recently returned with a grisly prequel flick titled The First Omen, offering audiences a livewire return to a classic horror property that's established a solid reputation for itself. And more impressively, The First Omen has already garnered a lot of praise from critics and audiences during its opening weekend, proving that it still has the capacity for mainstream success. Though considering there have been several films and even a series at one point in time, there's always a chance that The Omen will return with new and exciting stories.

The First Omen Has A New Trailer, Promises To Be Scary
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Now, the director of The First Omen is actually expressing interest in returning for another film with a specific interest in one aspect of the narrative.

The First Omen Filmmaker is Interested in Returning for More

During an interview with The First Omen director Arkasha Stevenson, the filmmaker tells Variety, "I'd love to keep working in this world. There's so much to play with in religious horror. It's such a rich subgenre to be working in. We answered a big question with this film, but so many more questions popped up. I am very interested in the Jackal, where he came from. I'm interested in delving into that with the church conspiracy. I'm interested in where Margaret and the children go from here. What's the future of Layla, Damien's sister? I could talk about it for hours."

There's always a space for religious horror, which has been a staple in the genre, whether it's something semi-campy and entertaining like The Nun or something with a little more grit like The Exorcist. Fortunately, with the film getting solid reactions from moviegoers (despite slower pacing at the box office), it does seem like a plausible chance for more of The Omen horror to come.

The First Omen is in theaters now.

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