The Running Man Reimagining Coming From Edgar Wright

The Running Man will head to the screen again. The short story by Stephen King, already one of the best action films ever made starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1987, is set to get a reimagining at Paramount from director Edgar Wright, who will co-write the film's script with Michael Bacall. According to the Deadline story, this version sounds like it will be closer to the story of the novel by King, who had the exclusive. That sadly means there will be less Dynamo in this one, and we are sad about that. Wright has said if he could remake any film, it would be The Running Man. Now he gets his shot.

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The Running Man Is Perfect, So I Hope This Is Way Different

I can't think of another action film I would like to see remade less than The Running Man. That one holds a special place in my heart, as it was the first R-rated film I ever watched and one of the most under-appreciated action films of the '80s. Arnold is on another level; the villains are top-notch, the late, great Richard Dawson is phenomenal. Man, this is making me sad that they are doing this. I also really love Wright's films, but if he turns this into a Scott Pilgrim-style film, I will be super pissed.

I just always thought that this one would be able to steer clear of the remake bug. I should have known better. It will be interesting to see a film that adheres closer to King's novel, and the original is not going anywhere. In fact, I think I will watch it again tonight. Now Hollywood, since this is happening, you stay away from Demolition Man. If you remake that one, you and I are through this time.

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