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The Running Man: Why Schwarzenegger Film is More Timely Than Ever
In light of the news of Edgar Wright hired to direct the remake of the 1985 Stephen King dystopian story The Running Man, made during his Richard Bachman phase, let's look back at the 1987 loose film adaption that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and why it's still relevant today Directed by Paul Michael Glaser and written[...]
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The Running Man will head to the screen again The short story by Stephen King, already one of the best action films ever made starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1987, is set to get a reimagining at Paramount from director Edgar Wright, who will co-write the film's script with Michael Bacall According to the Deadline story,[...]
The Running Man Soundtrack Coming To Vinyl In August
The Running Man soundtrack will be coming to vinyl, thanks to Varèse Sarabande Records They will release the two-disc collectors vinyl collection on August 14th The cover features the iconic tube entrance to the arena and honestly could not be more perfect This is one of the more underrated Arnold Schwarzenegger films from the 1980s,[...]
Ranking The Bad Guys From Schwarzenegger Film The Running Man
The Running Man is one of the most underrated films of the 1980's mainly in the pantheon of Arnold Schwarzenegger films Set in a futuristic society where criminals are able to win their freedom by participating in a deadly game called The Running Man, where they have to escape from "stalkers" trying to kill them[...]
Stephen King Adaptations That Could Use a Remake [OPINION]
With the release of his latest adapted work Doctor Sleep in theaters, here are five titles we could revisit. Credit: Featureflash Photo Agency / The Running Man (Stephen King as Richard Bachman) In 1987, Paul Michael Glaser directed the dystopian science fiction action thriller adapted from as Richard Bachman novel Bachman was King's pseudonym to test his[...]