The Suicide Squad is a Total Reboot According to the Producer

When it was announced the other day that James Gunn would be returning to direct the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie the internet responded very positively [more or less]. However, there were some fans that were concerned. In the months since Gunn was let go by Marvel, he signed on to write, and possibly direct though it hasn't been confirmed, The Suicide Squad for DC. Producer Peter Safran was interviewed by JoBlo and was asked if there was pressure to get The Suicide Squad done faster now that Gunn is back with Marvel.

"No, it was all handled incredibly elegantly and everybody knows on both sides that Suicide Squad is the priority today and he'll finish that movie and then everybody knows that his next film will be Guardians. It's the best of all possible both worlds, I think, for fans and for James Gunn himself."

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Safran went on to confirm something some of us didn't know and that's the fact that The Suicide Squad will be a total reboot of the series. THe goes on to say that they aren't calling Suicide Squad 2 for that exact reason.

"First of all, we don't call it Suicide Squad 2 'cause it's a total reboot, so it's The Suicide Squad and I think people should be extremely excited about it. It's everything you would hope from a James Gunn script and I think that says a lot and that promises a lot and I know that we will deliver a lot."

Finally, the DC and Marvel rivalry has come up again with Gunn working for both companies. While the rivalry has been very present with the fans the actors and creatives at Marvel and DC, at least on the movie side, haven't shown any hostility to each other. Safran goes on to echo that he feels no ill will toward Marvel and Gunn feels the same way.

"And you know what I love about James directing for both Marvel and DC is he has always espoused the view that that which unites comic book and superhero lovers is much greater than that which divides us. Because, there's always been this Marvel/DC rivalry, which he has said, and I agree, is absurd. There's room for everybody and certainly that which unites us all is far greater than that which divides us, so hopefully they'll see that you can be both a Marvel and a DC fan and the world won't spin off its axis."

The next entry in the DC universe is looking like it's going to be another good one. Safran served as a producer for Shazam! which is garnering great early reviews and the box office keeps climbing.

Summary: A boy is given the ability to become an adult superhero in times of need with a single magic word.

Shazam!, directed by David F. Sandberg, stars Zachary Levi, Mark Strong, Grace Fulton, Faithe Herman, Jack Dylan Grazer, and Asher Angel, and will be written by Henry Gayden and Darren Lemke. It will be released on April 5th, 2019.

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