Thirsty… The "Mewling Quim" And "Prima Nocta" Moment Of The Justice League Film

So I saw Justice League last night. Thought it was fine. Not the best, not the worse, it's on a par with Age Of Ultron, Ant-Man, or Batman Begins, certainly. If you like seeing familiar superheroes on the big screen, but don't get concerned when it doesn't exactly mirror the plot of a seven-year-old comic book, you should be fine. Better than Dark World, not as good as Ragnarok, better than BVS, not as good as Wonder Woman, it should certainly scratch that itch. I should say that this contains light spoilers.

But there are always things that stick out and spotting the differences between Zach Snyder and Joss Whedon's scenes will be something all manner of folk will play. Though the bad CGI on Superman's lip makes it fairly easy.

Possibly the most Zach Snyder-ish scene from the movie is at the beginning as we a get a slow-motion montage of the world, especially the greengrocers getting robbed — it feels right out of Watchmen.

The most Joss Whedon-ish moment might also from the beginning of the film looking at old footage of Superman with his horrifically disturbing CGI lip being asked by kids if he's ever fought a hippo.

But in both Avengers and Age Of Ultron, Joss Whedon did his best to insert something absolutely filthy that causes outrage when people work out what the hell he's going on. So we had Loki calling Black Widow a "mewling quim" in Avengers. We had Iron Man talking about reinstalling "prima nocta" when he gets to wield Thor's hammer in Age Of Ultron. And in Justice League?

Well, early on we see Lois Lane and Martha Kent reminiscing about the death of Clark, with Martha saying that, regarding journalism, that Clark called Lois, "the thirstiest women he's ever met." Hastily amending it to "hungriest" while Lois corpses into giggles.

"Thirsty", in the context of pornography, regularly refers to one overly keen on oral sex. A tasteless and inappropriate interpretation on Lois' part that helps break the ice just a bit…

I mean, whether this is Zack Snyder's line or Joss Whedon's line, we may never know. Maybe not until someone puts together an oral history of the film. As it were. But if that's the correct interpretation, I'd blame Whedon's London upbringing. For most things, now I think about it.

Here's a clip from the film before that line happens:

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