Trio Entertainment – The New Film/TV Production Company From Jimmy Palmiotti, Kristanna Loken And Ray Moheet

t1Trio Entertainment is a new multi-platform entertainment company founded by an interesting threesome.

Comic book writer and inker Jimmy Palmiotti, co-founder of Event Comics and Marvel Knights, and well known for his current work on Harley Quinn and a number of kickstarted graphic novels.

Kristanna Loken, best known as the Terminator from Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines but also as a film and TV producer, working with Palmiotti on the Painkiller Jane TV adaptation in which she starred in the lead.

And fellow producer and talent manager Ray Moheet, vice president of Theatrical at LEG.

As Trio Entertainment, they will be creating original content across various genres in film, television, and online syndicates. They spoke to Bleeding Cool about their plans.

So what is the ultimate goal with Trio?

Kristanna Loken: To produce quality content, with great talent at cost efficient budgets.

Jimmy Palmiotti: For me it's a chance to take some of the properties I have been working on for years with Paperfilms and take them to the next level partnering with two very talented people that I have a special relationship with.

Kristanna, how does producing a project differ from being an actor?

Kristanna Loken: On the production side, one must have a holistic vantage point of the overall message you are conveying and how every moving piece adds to that symphony. Acting feels more inside the nucleus of the storm looking out, and how your character choices define the way the story is told.

What did you learn while producing Painkiller Jane and Fighting For Freedom that you would apply to these projects once they find investors?

KL: Producing television and film are two very different worlds. TV is ongoing and there is a sense of not knowing where or how the story will unfold. The pace is grueling and decisions need to be made quickly. In film you know where the story begins and ends, and you can base your creative choices and planning on this outline. In the case of producing your own independent film, you have more creative freedom in decision making as consulting the hierarchy of TV executives does not exist.

Jimmy, What are some of the properties that TRIO will be offering to investors that you have worked on?

JP: Two of the projects are based on original screenplays I have co-written with Craig Weeden, my writing partner on Painkiller Jane. The other two are based on graphic novels. The first is Trailblazer, and the other is Queen Crab, both published by Image comics.

What are investors looking for when trying to acquire the projects Trio Entertainment is offering?

Ray Moheet: We're lucky enough to have a variety of interesting projects spanning different genres so we have something for everyone. Simply put, our plan at Trio is to produce quality projects with great casts while working with modest budgets.

JP: These are an interesting mix of projects that should appeal to investors and eventually to all different types of audiences. For me it's an opportunity to expand my storytelling and get my work out there to a new audience.

Once the projects are backed, what is the next part of moving them forward and how would you be involved day to day?

RM: Once the projects are funded, we will move into pre-production and Kristanna, Jimmy and I will oversee this process through production and post.

How will your experience as an agent be applied to these projects?

RM: My 15 plus years spent in the talent representation business has helped develop long-term relationships that come in handy every day. As well, my experience as an agent will help us is by identifying emerging talent for our projects.




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