Trish Stratus Reveals What She Missed About WWE in Royal Rumble Behind-the-Scenes Video

Last Sunday at the WWE Royal Rumble, the women of WWE made history by competing in the first-ever women's Royal Rumble match. The event was star-studded with a dozen female superstars of the past returning, resulting in one of the most exciting and rewarding Royal Rumble matches of all time. The biggest name to return to the Royal Rumble match was Trish Stratus, who entered at number 30 and looked like she hadn't missed a beat since retiring in 2006.

In a new backstage video from the event released by WWE this weekend, Stratus discusses the match, her return, and what she misses most about professional wrestling since her retirement.

"You know what I miss most about being away from the ring is this camaraderie between the girls. It's really awesome. We have always known… I know that's one thing I know back in the day was like… It's a team effort. It really is everybody out there making this thing work and making each other look good and that's why it works out there. So to come backstage and just see everyone interacting and sharing this passion for what we do out there… I believe that there's only a handful of women in this world who do what we do out there, so to know that all are together in one ring at one time is incredible."

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