Valley Girl Gets A Musical Remake In New Trailer

Valley Girl fans, a new version of the beloved 1983 classic is here. This new version of the film is a musical retelling, starring Jessica Rothe of La La Land fame, and Josh Whitehouse from last year's Netflix Christmas film The Knight Before Christmas. The original movie starred Nicholas Cage and Deborah Foreman in a loosely told version of Romeo & Juliet. In this version, Julie is the quintessential 80's Valley Girl, and she falls head over heels Randy, a punk rocker from the other side of the tracks. The film will hit streaming services on May 8th. You can check out the trailer below.

Valley Girl Updated For a New Generation

"Get ready for the awesomest love story ever told. Watch Jessica Rothe and Josh Whitehouse fight for each other in Valley Girl, a musical remake of the 1980's classic, available on digital May 8. 💕🤘 In a flashback, a young Julie (Jessica Rothe of La La Land) is the ultimate '80s Valley Girl who meets and falls in love with Randy (musician/actor Joshua Whitehouse, Netflix's The Knight Before Christmas), a Sunset Strip punk rocker who doesn't fit into Julie's picture-perfect life. While Julie and Randy grow closer, the two find that their differences might be greater than their attraction for each other."

This actually looks really good. I love the flashback aspect, instead of just being a straight remake, that is a clever little twist there. Alicia Silverstone is always a welcome surprise, as well. I guess it is too much to hope for a Nicholas Cage cameo, although I am sure they at least asked him. That original film is special to a lot of people, and it looks like they are paying the proper amount of respect to that as well. I have fond memories of my mom watching Valley Girl over and over again when I was a kid, so I was skeptical.

A new version of the 1983 classic valley Girl hits VOD streaming on May 8th.
A new version of the 1983 classic valley Girl hits VOD streaming on May 8th.

Let's hope that this one lives up to the trailer. Valley Girl will be available to stream starting on May 8th on whatever your favorite video service happens to be.

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