Alicia Silverstone

VALLEY GIRL Official Trailer (2020)

Valley Girl Gets A Musical Remake In New Trailer

Alicia Silverstone is always a welcome surprise, as well I guess it is too much to hope for a Nicholas Cage cameo, although I am sure they at least asked him That original film is special to a lot of people, and it looks like they are paying the proper amount of respect to that[...]

"The Baby-Sitters Club": Netflix Treats Fans to Reboot Series' Official Poster

This series has heart, a good attitude, and some wholesome adventures - and harebrained schemes.[caption id="attachment_1177342" align="alignnone" width="1350"] Netflix[/caption]True, the original show did venture into PSA / "after-school special" territory at times, but the stories were always a delightful, endearing, and heartwarming no matter what.So, why am I talking about a fluffy and girly early[...]


'Clueless' Returns to Theaters For 25th Anniversary in May

Especially when you're the envy of scheming Betties (female babes), persistent Barneys (unattractive guys), and teachers who go postal (freak out) when you turn your homework in late! Yet somehow 15-year-old Cher (Alicia Silverstone) keeps it all together, even finding time for extracurricular projects like finding a love match for her debate class teacher (Wallace[...]

The Lodge hits Hulu in May.

'The Lodge' Gets a New Poster at CinemaCon In Las Vegas

It stars Riley Keough, Jaeden Martell, Richard Armitage, Lia McHugh, Katelyn Wells, Daniel Keough, and Alicia Silverstone The film went over well at Sundance, being bought by Neon for distribution It is the english language directorial debut for Franz and Fiala, who previously directed the 2014 film Goodnight Mommy Check out the poster down below: The Lodge follows[...]

Defiant Alicia Silverstone Wants Another Shot At Being Batgirl

"Yes, of course I would."And now, Alicia Silverstone has thrown her cowl into the ring, offering to reprise her role as Batgirl from the infamous 1997 movie in an interview with USA Today."I feel like I could do a much better Batgirl now than I did then," Silverstone said "It would be fun to tackle[...]

The Evolution Of Batgirl

On the other end of the spectrum would be the Alicia Silverstone costume from Batman and Robin.. that just wasn't good.Fifty years ago, DC comics showed us the first Batwoman in the form of Kathy Kane forty-five years ago we got the first Batgirl, but this was Betty Kane And then in 1966, forty years[...]