Watch 24 Minutes Of Xenoblade Chronicles X Showing Incredible Creatures And Vast Landscapes

Xenoblade Chronicles is a title I've been meaning to get to for a while as I've been told it was one of the Wii's best RPGs. With the title coming to the New 3DS soon, I'm going to be excited to finally jump in and taste the series.

Today is about future installments though. Nintendo broadcast 24 minutes of play from the Wii U's upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X. It's entirely in Japanese, but for those of you who don't speak the native tongue, you can see some pretty looking visuals. It's good to see the Wii U getting a bit of a technical work out here as some of these locations are really cool. The creature designs are particularly stunning too.

It's also been announced that the game will feature four player online co-op, which is a great little touch.


The game is set for April 29th in Japan and the last I heard it is being targeted for 2015 in the West.

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