This Week In Captain America Chris Evans Vs. Actual Nazi David Duke: Antisemitism Appears


Chris Evans has been in an ongoing twitter war with known white supremacist and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. You might remember us bringing it up last week in regards to our ongoing "should you punch Nazis?" debate.

For a brief recap, we've asked Warren Ellis who agrees that Nazis are 100% punchable, as well as current Captain America writer Nick Spencer, who disagrees because of free speech protections despite his own comic featuring Cap punching Nazis on the cover. However Spencer is also the one who turned Captain America into a Nazi in the first place.


We've also asked Funko to make a Nazi-Punching Warren Ellis figure, and re-visited some Jack Kirby Cap comics for Nazi Punching etiquette. In the end, it's been Evans who has rounded out the debate by starting a hate war with the Klan's favorite bedsheet-wearer, Duke, on Twitter after the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as attorney general. And then Activision jumped in by confirming that Call of Duty 2017 will return the game to its roots which we hope includes punching Nazis.

But today, Duke is spending much of his time calling out Captain American and Evans (it's not really clear that Duke knows Evans is just an actor, and not really Cap):

Where Duke was unable to even fit his hatred into the 140 character requirement for tweets.

Duke then went on to post photos of Evans with women of varying ethnicities and races, questioning why Evans "hates the women of his people so much" in a really bizarre display of antisemitism.

Personally, I love the hashtag for WhiteGenocide. If it's hashtagable, you know it has to be true.

The fight continued with Evans responding:

Which is a bit too hippy for Captain America, but considering our other option is Nick Spencer's Captain Hydra… I'll take it.

As this war continues, we'll keep you updated.

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