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What Are Bleeding Cool's Favorite Snacks To Sneak Into Theaters

We all do it, what it says up there in that headline. No matter how virtuous or noble, we all sneak refreshments into movies. Well, we used to, in the before times. The glory days of enjoying films next to strangers, or at least 6 feet apart, will return someday, and when they do, you can bet that we will all continue the process of feeling that rush that we got snuck one by the teenage usher taking the ticket. It is the dumbest thing, I don't know about anyone else, but when I do it, I get nervous like they are going to throw me in jail or something. Man, a bad boy, I am not. I asked our staff what they sneak into theaters, and some of the answers were interesting to say the lease.

Will you return when theaters reopen?
The Theater Where The Crime Takes Place

Theaters Know This Is Happening; We Fool No One

Some of us at BC are pretty normal: we sneak in Red Vines, Buncha Crunch, gummy bears, Sour Patch Kids, of course, especially the little watermelons, peach rings. These are the types of things that make it far worse, as these are the kinds of things they actually sell at most theater concession stands, admittedly at a significant mark-up since lots of theaters make their money on refreshments, that makes it kinda terrible—shame on us, BC.

Then things get kinda wacky. Drink-wise, energy drinks and frappuccinos or some kind of coffee were mentioned, as was alcohol. For other food, pizza, Little Debbie Chocolate Pudding Pies,  Doritos, Pad Thai, and Asian noodle dishes snuck in Tupperware containers in purses, burritos, and tacos…man we are terrible people. Also, "baked goods" was mentioned, and I will just leave that there.

Finally, theaters beware, as, in the winter, one of us has a system for pizza, especially: "Plastic wrap. In winter, line your winter coat sleeves with the slices once they are wrapped. Add in the pockets as an option. I am walking pizza." So there you have it. Next time you see a bulky winter coat, assume it is pizza inside.

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