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Doritos Triangle Island Hits Fortnite Creative Mode With Contests
Doritos has launched a brand new island into Fortnite Creative as Triangle Island comes with new challenges and contests tied to it The new island will present a challenge for those looking to play on it, as they have made it for fighting and for a special contest Starting tomorrow, on the island, you can[...]
Obscure Comics: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Upstairs/Downstairs
There are comic book series almost every comic fan knows, there are comic book characters that most everyone knows, there are specific comic books most every comic reader knows, and then there are the more obscure issues that slip through the cracks.  What makes obscure comics so interesting and vital is discovering those books that[...]
Activision Partners With MNT DEW & Doritos On Next Call Of Duty Title
Activision and PepsiCo announced they've partnered again for Doritos and MTNDEW to promote Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War The two companies have had some successful partnerships over the years, especially last year with the new Modern Warfare, as well as the inaugural season of the COD League and other special events like the[...]
Will you return when theaters reopen?
For other food, pizza, Little Debbie Chocolate Pudding Pies,  Doritos, Pad Thai, and Asian noodle dishes snuck in Tupperware containers in purses, burritos, and tacos…man we are terrible people Also, "baked goods" was mentioned, and I will just leave that there. Finally, theaters beware, as, in the winter, one of us has a system for pizza,[...]
Recap: MTN DEW AMP GAME FUEL "Call OF Duty: Modern Warfare" Celebrity PRO-AM
A couple of weeks ago, we got an awesome opportunity to check out the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Celebrity PRO-AM, sponsored by Doritos and MTN DEW AMP GAME FUEL The company flew me out to check out the event, which was broadcast live on YouTube and Twitch The event saw six teams go head-to-head[...]
"Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare" Celebrity PRO-AM Announced
Today, MTN DEW AMP, Game Fuel, and Doritos announced they would be on board sponsoring the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Celebrity PRO-AM The event will kick off on September 14th as it will feature pro gamers such as Shroud, H3CZ, Aydan and yet-to-be-announced celebrities in music, sports and entertainment They'll be playing a series of traditional 6v6[...]
xbox one
Doritos and Mountain Dew have a contest running to allow you to collect points and bid on a group of Xbox One X consoles And Doritos trucked out a ton of snack bags to the New York Comic Con's press room, for some unholy reason And because Bleeding Cool isn't exactly the highest on Microsoft's[...]
Buy Doritos, Read Batman V Superman Prologue… Anyone? Anyone?
The stereotype of a fat, friendless comic book reader sitting alone reading comics while eating Doritos has been ingrained over the years And just as we are getting out from under this, this happens… Starting February 29, Walmart shoppers get exclusive access to a custom DC Comics digital comic book when they purchase a specially marked[...]