Watch The Trailer For Mena Suvari Thriller What Lies Below

A trailer for Vertical Entertainment's new thriller What Lies Below was posted online today. In the film, starring Mena Suvari, Ema Horvath, and Trey Tucker, a girl returns home from summer camp to find out her mother is engaged to a new man. He seems too good to be true and surprise! He is. The film is written and directed by Braden Duemmler and has a nice little vibe going for it. It could be a fun little watch. Check out the trailer for What Lies Below down…below.

What Lies Below Trailer & Synopsis

"Liberty, a socially awkward 16-year-old, returns from two months at camp only to be blindsided with the introduction of her Mother's fiancée, John Smith, whose charm, intelligence, and beauty paint the picture of a man too perfect to be human. Starring Ema Horvath, Trey Tucker, and Mena Suvari Directed by Braden Duemmler."

Watch The Trailer For Mena Suvari Thriller What Lies Below
What Lies Below Poster

Vertical Entertainment is cleaning up this year on the streaming platforms. They have had a slew of solid releases this year, and they have been benefitting from the theater closures and lack of powerhouse releases to grab people's attention for pics like this. What Lies Below might now be on many people's radar at all if not for everything going on in the film industry right now, and it is kinda cool to see so many indie and smaller budget films grab a little slice of the pie. I don't know if this will be any good at all, and it is super weird to see Mena Suvari play someone's mom, but the casting looks spot on and looks intriguing enough for me to want to watch it. We all can when it hits digital platforms on December 4th.

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