War Machine Enters The Grid in New Hot Toys Exclusive Figure

War Machine Enters The Grid in New Hot Toys Exclusive Figure

Tron and Marvel have had crossovers in the past with comic and with the Hot Toys Neon Tech Iron Man and Iron Man 2.0 figures This time we will be seeing War Machine enters The Grid in their newest Hot Toys exclusive figure War Machine stands nearly 13 inches tall and has over 30 points[...]

BC Toy Spotting: Avengers: Endgame, NECA, Funko, Transformers, and More!

Rounding out this week is the new Little Mermaid Ariel exclusive hitting BoxLunch right now.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="1007504,1007505,1007506,1007507"]While at FYE I also found new horror Tiki mugs for Pennywise and Pinhead, NECA's Paleface figure from Pan's Labyrinth, and the new wave of horror icons Loyal Subjects figures.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="1007527,1007529,1007532,1007534,1007523,1007525"]Transformers findings this week include the[...]

AtGames will be Porting Classic Disney and Star Wars Games

Classic games from Tron, The Jungle Book, The Lion King, and even Donald Duck, alongside the classic Star Wars games will appear on AtGames producs, including the Legends Ultimate Home Arcade machine, Blast! family plug-n-play micro-console, retro consoles, and portables.More info on the games and products will be announced soon However, the list of possible games includes:The Lion King[...]

Hot Toys Neon Armor Tech Iron Man 5

Iron Man Gets a Tron-Inspired Look from Hot Toys

Available this summer at CCG 2018 and their flagship store at Shanghai Disney, this version of Tony will feature a design straight out of Tron Legacy with all kinds of LED light-up effects in the armor in using reflective patterns Plenty of swappable parts and such will be included, as always You can check out pics[...]

tron lego set

Let's Take a Look at the LEGO Ideas Tron: Legacy Set

Tron and LEGO go together like peanut butter and chocolate (sorry, I hate jelly) So when the LEGO Ideas Tron: Legacy set was first shown, I got excited -- but didn't get my hopes up that it would actually come to fruition I loved Tron: Legacy; I thought it succeeded on every level Well, maybe not[...]

Tron: Legacy Lightcycles Come to LEGO on March 31

Tron: Legacy lightcycles are on their way from LEGO and the LEGO Ideas group As announced last year, the set met all requirements of the program, and will see release on March 31 We now have official box images, along with a look at the set itself The cycles look amazing, and I love that[...]

Blockchain Gaming Platform BitGuild has Partnered with TRON

The idea is that making each item unique and tradeable gives power back to the players, so they can properly own it and trade it as they wish, or even transfer it between games.You can read the full Whitepaper on BitGuild here.Today they've announced a partnership with cryptocurrency TRON, which is an open-source de-centrilized cryptocurrency,[...]

funko logo

Funko Best of For 2017: Pops, Pint Size, and Even Dorbz!

If you aren't collecting these, you need to start. Best Dorbz- TronFeaturing perfect renditions of the iconic characters from the original Tron, these Dorbz figures could not have been more perfect While Sark has eluded me so far, I do have both versions of Tron and they have become centerpieces of my collection Just awesome. Best Dorbz[...]

lego tron

LEGO Ideas Announces That The Tron Legacy Light Cycle Is Approved!

LEGO has approved the Tron Legacy Light Cycle set The set reached the 10,000 supporters plateau required and was approved by the LEGO Ideas in an announcement video earlier in the day today. were 11 projects that met the 10,000 supporters requirement Personally, I wish that The Office had won, as that is my favorite[...]

jared leto

Jared Leto Confirms His Involvement In The Tron Reboot

There were rumors a few months back to that a Tron reboot was in the works and that method actor extraordinaire Jared Leto was involved with the production Leto is currently doing promo for Blade Runner 2049, and while being interviewed by Collider, he was asked about his involved with this reboot.Leto had a very[...]

Kingdom Hearts Funko Gamestop Box

Kingdom Hearts Gets An Exclusive Funko Box At Gamestop, Let's Dive In

And the exclusive that comes in this Gamestop-only box joins them.Kingdom Hearts Gamestop Exclusive Tron Three Pack [gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="730453,730454,730455,730459,730461,730462,730463,730464"] soon as I saw this three pack it became one of my favorite Pops The Tron films are very special to me, and the level in the game is a favorite[...]

What Does Epcot Announcement Mean For Guardians Of The Galaxy 4 And Beyond?

 Then there's TRON, also just announced at D23 today for a Lightcycle ride similar to the version in Tokyo Disneyland  TRON 3 has been in limbo for awhile, but director Joseph Kosinski recently said "It’s not dead It’s alive, but it’s sitting there, waiting for the right time to move forward."Maybe 2021 will be the[...]

D23 Parks And Resorts Panel: We're Getting A Tron Ride In Magic Kingdom

After months of speculating, it was announced today that Magic Kingdom is getting a TRON Lightcycle ride! Similar to the popular ride in Shanghai, the attraction will sit next to Space Mountain.The ride will open in time for Magic Kingdom's 50th birthday, so we will have to wait a bit for it For now, we[...]

Mega Makeover In Store For Walt Disney World's Epcot This Fall

He is all over Disneyland Paris, so maybe we'll see a new character meet-and-greet or even a ride, which would be a welcome addition to the park.The most talked-about rumor — and likely a true one — is Ellen's Universe of Energy being replaced by either a Guardians of the Galaxy or Tron ride, or both[...]

Disney Parks Rumor Mill Now Getting TRON Fans Hopes Up

Since being introduced in Disneyland's Shanghai Resort, the Tron Light Cycle Power Run has been one of the hottest rides at the park, and for Tron fans everywhere Because of fan reaction, rumors started to swirl about bringing the attraction (or something similar) stateside According to WDW News Today, plans for a projected ride were submitted,[...]

Flynn's Arcade Has Pinball: TRON Pinball

TRON was the first modern machine we ever had in my house I've been lucky enough to play a number of variations of the game, and I honestly think this is one of Stern's finer machines.Created in 2011, there are 4 editions of the machine as well as a limited edition Each edition comes with[...]

'TRON 3' Is On The Cart In Monty Python Screaming "I'm Not Dead Yet"

TRON was very much a movie before its time so it shouldn't be that surprising that its sequel TRON: Legacy was also before its time The sequel came out in 2010 a few years before the nostalgia boom that has currently taken over Hollywood Perhaps if it had waited a year or two to come[...]

New Tron Game Gets A Launch Trailer Following Release

This whole thing came very quickly.nly annoucned recently, Tron Run/r is now out, after a brief early access period on Steam The game is out today on PC and PS4, and will be out on Xbox One at the beginning of March The game is an endless runner, having you run around Tron worlds...well, endlessly[...]