Wildcat Star Georgina Campbell Talks Film and Character Inspiration

Wildcat provides a unique opportunity for star Georgina Campbell to flex her talents on the action thriller film stage in the Saban Films war drama. The TV veteran is known for her memorable roles in Netflix's Black Mirror, HBO's His Dark Materials, and SyFy's Krypton stars as Khadjja Young, a journalist stationed in the Middle East captured by terrorists after her convoy was ambushed. She is confronted by the trauma of her past and must find a way to bring down the militants who incarcerated her. I spoke to Campbell about working with writer-director Jonathan W. Stokes and the inspiration that inspired her performance.

Wildcat star Georgina Campbell Talks Film, Character Inspiration
Image courtesy of Saban Films

"It was the writing," Campbell said. "I got sent the script, and I just thought it was wonderful, and I spoke to Jonathan, the director. I had a meeting with him, and he's really intelligent and has such a great vision for the film. So, yeah, I signed up straight away. It's different than others I've done before. It was kind of very action-packed and thriller. It was great. [Khadija Young] is a very well-written character that goes through, you know, a journey and starts in one place and ends in a different place. I think that's always very good in writing when you kind of get to see a character develop well."

Wildcat star Georgina Campbell Talks Film, Character Inspiration
Image courtesy of Saban Films

The Wildcat star took meticulous research to develop Khadija's fiery spirit. "I read a few different books from people who have been abducted and been through this type of thing," she said. "[Journalist] Amanda Lindhout was an amazing memoir about her experience being kidnapped in Somalia. That was very handy, and I watched a documentary about James Foley and read as much as I could about him. So that really helped to get into the mindset of someone who's been taken captive."

Wildcat Star Luke Benward Talks Film, Georgina Campbell, and Training
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Campbell described her character and Luke Benward's in Luke White as kindred spirits in captivity with their mutual situation. "I think we have a very interesting kind of dynamic," she said. "Kat and Luke in the film are kind of forced to become partners in trying to get out of this situation. Throughout the film, they sort of slowly get to know each other more. He really helps her overcome some trauma from her past. We just worked really well together. Luke is a fantastic actor, so it was really enjoyable."

Wildcat, which also stars Ibrahim Renno, Mido Hamada, Ali Omoli, and Maz Siam, comes to theatres on April 23 and available on digital and on-demand on April 27.

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