Will Wrestling Superstar Paige Return To WWE In Time For Wrestlemania?


The short answer is no. But when will she return? For that, here's the longer answer.

Last night, we discussed rumors that wrestling superstar Eva Marie could be done with WWE, after Eva Marie deleted references to the company from her Twitter profile and unfollowed the WWE twitter account. Eva Marie's troubles began was she was suspended from the company for violating its wellness policy last year. Another superstar to recently be hit with not one but two wellness violations is Paige, who has also been out of action with a neck injury. Despite the violations and Paige's public pushback against their legitimacy on Twitter, she seems to remain in good graces with WWE. Just yesterday, we learned that Paige's family will be the subject of a major motion picture produced by WWE and The Rock.

So when will Paige be returning to the ring? For that, we look to Paige's boyfriend, former WWE superstar and real-life Shredder Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio has been the subject of much fan ire for dating Paige. Bleeding Cool has reported on angry male fans' patriarchal obsession with Paige's romantic life twice in the past, but the love she shares with Alberto Del Rio is both pure and true. According to a report from 411 Wrestling, Paige has been doing MMA training with Del Rio, getting back into shape for a WWE return. Del Rio later appeared on Busted Open Radio, where he announced that Paige will be returning to the ring in April or May.

That probably puts Paige's return after Wrestlemania, which takes place on April 2. The week following the big event is typically when many stars return or debut, so if she's healthy enough to get in the ring, that might be a good time.

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