WWE Star Booker T Hasn't Chosen Party For Mayoral Run, Praises Donald Trump


Retired pro wrestler and 2020 Houston mayoral candidate Booker T hasn't yet decided which party he'll run under, according to an appearance on the podcast of former WCW head Eric Bischoff as transcribed by 411 Wrestling. Talking about choosing a party, the five time… five time… five time… five time… five time… oh wait, it's six time… world champion said:

I haven't declared a party or anything like that. The reason being is that, like I always tell people, you've got to do your research on stuff like that. As far as a party goes… it's almost like Coca-Cola. You wake up and realize your Dad drank Coke. Your Granddad drank Coke. You want a Coke. Your father was a democrat, his father was a democrat and you turn out to be a democrat. I don't have anything like that in my life so I am going to do some research. I can say this as far as the democratic party goes: they've done a lot of talking for a lot of years. They've made a lot of promises and have not lived up to them. I am one of those people that, you know, I never missed a date in WCW. I'm not about people making promises and not keeping them first and foremost. I'll say that.

If you thought Booker's words indicate a propensity for populism, you're probably right. Booker went on to be quite complimentary of fellow WWE Hall of Famer and US President Elect, Donald Trump, who by the way appointed former WWE CEO Linda McMahon to his cabinet:

Donald Trump's motive was great. He went straight to the people. He didn't let anyone get in his way as far as the media blocking him from actually getting his message out. Let's just call it what it is. The media was totally biased and one sided. The emails, the 33,000 emails that disappeared is just something that shouldn't happen. You can't turn your head and look the other way or stick your head in the sand and say, "Oh, well that's just something people do! You erase emails that are the governments at a high level!" That's just something that shouldn't happen. The Bernie Sanders thing were he was totally robbed of the election just because it wasn't his turn. He didn't fit in to what the agenda was actually supposed to be. That's just wrong in so many ways. Donald Trump went out there and he went straight to the people. He talked like a man first and foremost. He didn't talk like a politician. I don't expect him to talk like a politician.

Tell us he didn't just say that.


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