WWE's Maria Kanellis Blasts Pregnancy Critics

WWE superstar Maria Kanellis is living her gimmick. Back in September, Kanellis announced that she and husband Mike Bennett would be taking the Power of Love to the next level with a baby on the way. Kanellis had only recently returned to WWE after some time away, and some fans criticized her decision to get pregnant just as she was making a WWE comeback.

Kanellis wasn't having any of it. In a long Facebook post, Kanellis let loose on critics.

"Let's just analysis the first statement/question: 'How dare you get pregnant?'" Kanellis wrote. "I'm not exactly sure what this means but I can only assume it's because I work for WWE. I signed a contract with WWE in March and had no plans of getting pregnant until my contract was up. So, yes I have only been signed for a few months this time but, I worked for WWE before. For 5 and a half years. I've also been working in wrestling for 13 years. AND I've been working since I was 12. I was a bus girl for my first job. Thus, I have been working for 23 years. I CAN get pregnant. I can even stay home while pregnant and have a job because WWE thinks I am important and this baby is important enough to do so. After 23 years of work, do I deserve maternity leave? I think so and so does WWE. Women deserve maternity leave and men deserve paternity leave. It should be a right not a privilege. I will continue fulfilling the obligations of my WWE contract even after the baby arrives so, SMGMB."

Kanellis explained that her acronym stood for "suck my giant mama boobs." She also addressed claims that getting pregnant would prevent her from working out, a favorite pastime of wrestlers.

"You can't workout….. Really? Has anyone seen a lioness while pregnant?" Kanellis asked. "What if she decides, oh I can't run today, I'm pregnant? The lioness starves and so does her cubs. Or what happened in colonial times when the men went off to war? Did the farm get neglected? No, she plowed the field and took care of her 7 other children. Women are amazing. Women's bodies are amazing. I will not let people on social media make me feel powerless."

But Kanellis wasn't done putting everyone in their place.

"On to more stupid things…..," she wrote.  "'You are annoying. No one wants to hear about your pregnancy.' Let me solve this, real quick. I am pregnant. For the foreseeable future, that is the next 19 weeks, I will talk about being pregnant. You will see pregnant belly photos, baby stuff, blogs about being pregnant, and when I am feeling ultra emotional, photos of Mike with my pregnant belly. Therefore, if you don't like it, Stop Following Me. Done."

Kanellis finished up with a tease, promising to reveal the gender of her child in January, proving once and for all that even if she's taking time off to have a child, she's still thinking like a wrestler.

You can read her full post here.

WWE's Maria Kanellis Blasts Pregnancy Critics

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